Westwood High School Student of the Month Mesa Sunrise Rotary Jacky Flores

Ms. Jones writes, for three years I have had the privilege of coming to know Jacky as a person of highest quality and character. She has a wonderful demeanor, is incredibly responsible, always respectful, a dedicated student and one of the most caring and sensitive students I know at Westwood.

Jacky moved to the United States at age nine and had to learn English for the first time. Most students who do this give up but not Jacky. After a hard freshman year she came back with full determination to achieve her dream and be the best she could be. Today she stands as a shining example of why second chances are always worth it.

She has grown so much in her education, her talent and her character that today she is a mentor for other students, helping them  to dream big and do what needs to be done to achieve those dreams. She has been selected for a Math department award. She is a member of the LINK crew members and an AVID student with all of its high demanding academic standards. Additionally, she is an active member of her church, a guest speaker at the Mujer Ink Camp and participated in the Interpreters Club to translate for Spanish speaking parents at various events.

Jacky will achieve great things now and in the future. She is the real thing and it is such an honor to present her to the Sunrise Rotary Club as your Student of the Month for September.