Scott Bedard gives classification talk to Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club


New member Scot Bedard is welcomed by Rory Gilbert and Emmett Jones who reads Sunrise Charge

Scott Bedard is the newest member of the Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club, and gave his classification talk July 27,  2011. Scott will be moving to Tunisia to establish a swim center. He and his wife and children will join him and begin a new adventure together. Scott has promised to continue to represent Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club and participate with new clubs once he is established in Tunisia.

President Elect Rory Gilbert welcomes Scott Bedard to club and Emmett Jones reads the Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club Charge to Scott.

The Charge reads:

"You have been elected to membership in the Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club because you are a successful business or professional person, a leader in the line of your endeavor, and because we believe you possess those traits of character that indicate a desire on your part to make your life successful, in the biggest and broadest sense.  In Rotary, you will find a guide and an impetus to this success.  Rotary is not a substitute for ambition, and you will still have need for all your energy, personality and grit.  But the principles of Rotary are economically and morally sound, and your adherence to them will bring about your own success.


Your election to full participation in the Club is an expression of each member’s confidence in you and of their good will toward you.  Privileges and opportunities are to be yours.  But along with these, you will have certain definite responsibilities both to your Club and to the outside world.  The first principle in Rotary is attendance.  Someone has said the heart of Rotary is the weekly contact of its business and professional people.  There is no absent treatment in Rotary.  Since its organization, this Club has set a high standard in this fundamental of attendance and you are now under solemn obligation to do your part to maintain or even improve this standard.


From time to time, you will be asked to cooperate in certain acts of service.  Let me say that no one has ever put more into Rotary than they have taken out, and the returns to yourself will be in proportion to the investment you make of yourself in the Club.


Finally, the cornerstone of Rotary is friendship, faithful attendance, work, play, use of the first name, and common ambition to serve all.  These are factors in the building of friendship. Just in proportion as you do your part, will you come to know and honor your fellow members; and just in that proportion will you prove yourself to be a worthy member of the Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club."

Welcome Scott!