One More Challenge, One More Change


Speaker: Rory Gilbert

Grew up in New York (born in Rhode Island) and tried to picture what it would be like to grow up in North Dakota. Ended up in Ohio at Antioch College and did not pursue her dream as an interpreter. Antioch required work experiences between academic semesters. She met Pat at Antioch and together they moved to Los Angeles where she earned her last few credits to graduate at a work experience helping people find jobs at the L.A. Free Clinic.  Shortly after she began learning about facilitating, understanding and communication. Believes that her dream of interpreting is fulfilled by her facilitating skills which she formalized when she received her Masters in Education in Counseling at the University of Arizona.

Rory is Certified in True Colors, DISC and also can do Myers-Briggs.  She was a certified sign-language interpreter but never worked in the field. She is a trianed mediator, certified professional coach and has her SPHR (certification in HR).

She has worked at the Child Crisis Center and the Scottsdale Prevention Institute as a counselor, then worked at the National Conference for Community and Justice as the Executive Director for five years.

She currently works for the Maricopa Community Colleges where she was originally hired to design a diversity program for faculty and staff. She is now a Senior Manager in the Human Resources Solutions Center. She says that the work of her team is about communication, respect, feedback, timely coaching, etc. to help create work environments where all employees can do their best work.

Rory seeks one more career change and wants to find that one more fun thing.