Randy Russell, with interpreter Justin Harris, discusses his life and the challenges he has overcome living with Cerebral Palsy


Speaker- Hattie's guest- Randy Russell, "His Life" TCH with Justin Harris doing interpretation. Born with Cerebral Palsy due to lack of oxygen, mother left alone in delivery room, Nurse not in and Father not able to come in because it was 1964.

Discovered condition after a year when he could not roll over like normal children. Went to school @ 3 years old but he doesn't remember it (Justin blew the joke). Went to public school up to 13 & then went to school for disabled in Michigan. Mother worried about schools in Arizona when they moved here. No school available here but found school after 3 weeks. Did not like school because it was for low functioning. Randy very social. They found him a new school, which he like much more and was able to ride his scooter there.

He then went to Marcos Di Ninza high school for 5 yrs.  Randy's fist job was as a paper boy at the age of 14. His mom and dad would roll the papers and place them in his motorized scooter basket.  At first he helped his brother and sister for 2 yrs. and then he got his own route for 3 yrs.  Moved out on his own to TCH group home whe 19. Lived there for a few years until he bought his own home. His dad moved in with him. Starting working at TCH in 1989. Works on a computer and types with his head. Great worker. Does a lot of paperwork for TCH. Number one job is working on face sheets. Does over two hundred and does reports for DDD & has done training in the past.