New Member Hattie Harris gives her classification speach
Hattie Harris Classification Speech- Executive Secretary for Sunrise & Baseline. Children are Corbin (4 years old starting pre-school), Keaton (14 years old, Mesa High), Sam (11 years old, does gymnastics), Nellie (8 years old). Hattie volunteers at and is a product of Montessori School.

Husband, Justin, is a photographer & works at TCH. Family loves musicals. Hattie is a Cub Scouts leader for 11 years. Hattie is LDS. Grateful for her church & the teachings of the church. Born in Mesa @ Banner Desert Sam.

Hattie is proud of her age, 34, and cherishes each passing year. She is youngest of three. Went to Emerson, Carson & Westwood. Bachelors in Psychology from ASU. Becoming an interpreter in American Sign Language.