Nathan Perry & The Salvation Army Food Bank

Mesa Sunrise Rotary


Pinny, Ray, Glen, Norm, Theresa, Glen, Sue D., Pam, Dr. Ruth, Hattie (secretary)


Prayer- Nathan

Pledge- Sue D.


Business- Everybody please respond to evite for Installation Dinner. Canned goods & bottled water for Salvation Army drive.


Sargent @ Arms-

Norm-$5 for district conference

Glen- great conference,  kidnapped Abe's banner stand


Speaker- Nathan Perry, Salvation Army Food Bank. Food pantry did 10,000 food boxes last year, 40,000 water bottles. Major needs, canned foods, Thanksgiving Turkey Drive, 200 turkeys last year in one month. Each food box can feed a family. They build to the size of the family. Each box has canned & boxed goods, meat & poultry and if available produce. Each box will feed family for 10 days.


They assist with utilities (gas, electric, etc.) try to help with now & the future. Largest family last year was seventeen children. Story about GM employee that was laid off. The man has seven children. Salvation Army help the man get back on his feet & has not needed more assistance.


Need donated water, canned food, boxed food, hygiene items and volunteers. No one will be turned away for assistance. Mesa office is at 241 E 6th St. in Mesa. Open M-F 8-5 but Thursdays until 6:00 p.m. Supported by St. Mary's & United Food Bank.