Mesa Urban Garden Presentation Drew Trojanowski, Cynthia Williams and Donna DiFrancesco pictured with Neal Yukolis 


This weeks speakers were Drew Trojanowski, Cynthia Williams and Donna DiFrancesco pictured with Neal Yukolis (L to R) talked about the urban gardens that will be planted in areas in downtown Mesa. The first garden will be in the area of Hibbert and 1st Ave.  The community will have the ability to rent parcels or just give of their time to help with upkeep of the garden. This is a great project that is moving forward…

David Crummey presents information about Mesa Urban Garden, a volunteer-led, donor-funded initiative.Center and the City of Mesa Municipal Court at 1st Avenue and Hibbert.  We’re just down the street from the exciting Mesa Arts Center and the great businesses on Main St.


Their Mission


Mesa Urban Garden is a community organization that provides fresh produce directly to the community and local food banks. Anyone can sponsor plots for communal or individual use. We are dedicated to making the garden a point of pride for the residents south of Main, and a feather in the cap for the City of Mesa.

Mesa Urban Garden is a non-profit community garden managed by a board of passionate Mesa residents. Our team is comprised of dozens of passionate individuals with a wide-range of skill sets. Each person brings their own unique ideas and talents to the garden, and without their efforts, this amazing project wouldn’t exist.


Their website can be found at

Drew Trojanowski, Chairman

Ryan Winkle, Vice Chairman

David Crummey, Operations Director

Jason Thatcher, Founding Board Member

Mandy Buscas, Director of Education, Outreach and Culture

Desi Einarsen, Director of Marketing

Marco Meraz, Director of Community Culture

Elizabeth Paulus, Secretary

Donna DiFrancesco, City of Mesa Liaison / Ex-Officio

Terry Benelli, Treasurer

Andrew Douglas, Personnel Champion

Terri Rettig, Personnel Champion

Samantha Booher, Personnel Champion

Brandon Aday, Website Consultant