How Do We Listen


Guest speaker -- Dr. Jo Ann Pina -- How do we listen

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In some cultures communication is done non-verbally or paraverbally.  In the United States we depend on words.

Activity -- Dr. Jo asked people to follow a series of directions without looking at any one else's paper.

Activity 2 -- Dr. Jo asked people to use voice inflection to express different meanings using the same word.

Dr. Jo Ann Piña is one of the most acclaimed experts in cross-cultural communication in the country. She is the only Latina PhD in the National Speakers Association and one of the few women of Hispanic heritage to earn advanced degrees in psychology and counseling.

Dr. Jo is the originator of the only values-based model for understanding cross-cultural communication and the creator of the CrossTalk Series.

Dr. Jo works with leaders who want to increase their power and influence by understanding cross-cultural communication