Mesa Sunrise Rotary 2013 Installation Dinner was held Saturday, June 22nd at Rory Gilbert's house. A great time was had by all. Entertainment was provided by The Monte Moore Show. Thanks to Monte and Bill for all of their efforts. You can check out Monte at

Dr. Ruth Lim provided the following summary.

Greetings to all: Highlight of the evening

Rory thanks for your year of service and giving every member a theme song (also act as a tribute)

Norm - is the Rotarian of the year - congratuations 

Pam took a cool photo of passing the gravel

GLen is the incoming president - be sure that you check off what to do for the DDA and presidential citation award- and has a good singing voice- the music was nice and relaxing

Bill Peters is the president elect.

Soo clarke ( absentee) is the winner of the Paul Harris squares the numbers were ( 7 horizontal and Nine vertical)

The menu was sumptious= PINNY is the Rotarian with the culinary skills- sangria, salmon coconut desert

Mary provided special cakes

Therese made curry  chicken and  tumeric rise

 The perfect attendance certificates were given out- cheers to Ray he had 6 months of perfect attendance

We missed Neal, Soo Clarke, Sue Douglas , Chris, Ernie and Mel

Have a COOL WEEK . See you all at club next Wednesday