Neil Armstrong discusses his take on Global Warming

Neil Armstrong- Global Warming- How we generate electricity. Chillers performance test shows a 33% efficiency which is "kind of scary". Steam energy goes out into the atmosphere, steam turbines all built on lake or river 1 to 3 ratio for production. 1 kilowatt takes 3 to be produced.


Fossil fuels it is 1 to 4. Very inefficient. 1 to 5 for electric vehicle. CO2 goes into the atmosphere.


Nuclear doesn't cause CO2 emission.


Movie "Greedy, Lying Bastards" deals with last ten years in global warming.


CO2 by 2050 will have more than doubled to 500 parts from pre-industrialized period.


CFC breaks down the ozone levels. Montreal Protocol of 1989 shows we can have an effect. Gets rid of ozone depleters. Kyoto shows that ozone should be repaired by 2050.


Increasing use of fossil fuels is driving the increasing the levels in the atmosphere.


Wind could power most of the power that is needed in U.S.   Education is needed.