Dr Lim Project CURE Belize 2011

Bringing Health and Hope to the children of Belize

Dr. Ruth Lim, member of the Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club, was part of a 15 person team with the Project CURE medical mission to Belize June 8-15, 2011. The group participated in the groundbreaking ceremony for a new Pediatric ICU with the First Lady of Belize and the Minister of Public Health on June 15, 2011.

Belize is the Northern-most Central American nation and is part of the Western Caribbean coastal zone. Previously known at British Honduras,  this small country is a popular tourist destination is culturally unique, as the only nation in the region with a British cultural heritage. Belize has strong ties to both Caribbean and Latin American society and customs. The local population has many unmet public health and educational needs.


First Lady of Belize school projectProject CURE Ped ICU groundbreakingBelize Health Mission Dr Ruth 2011