Tim Moholich, Counselor at Westwood High School

Speaker: Tim Moholich, Counselor at Westwood High School

Born and raised in South Bend, Indiana -- dream was always to attend Notre Dame like his father.  Tim was recruited by Notre Dame as a half back in football. However, they did not have a BA program in education so he attended Western Michigan on a full scholarship -- played starting quarterback. He did not have a strong line in front of him. Blew out his shoulder. Graduated in 1972.  


My dream since 6th grade wanted to be a high school teacher or coach and then discovered the role of counselor. Supports students now who want to play sports professionally but also encourages them to have a plan B.

Attended ASU for graduate school as a counselor. Been here since 1972. We have four daughters and a son who passed away. He also lost his wife.


Met his current wife in 2003. She has three daughters. 


First counseling job was with Diocese of Phoenix - ended up as head of counseling for the Diocese.  With two masters degrees, eight years of experience, he was making $10,000. This didn't work to support the family.  


1978 met President Carter as one of the top counselors in the nation. Decided that he needed to make more money. Interviewed with different companies and went into the insurance business with the Franklin Company. 


Created a business merging his business and counseling knowledge.  Worked with people in relationship counseling, consulting on financial planning. Was very successful, able to provide for the children -- college, weddings.


Now Tim is back to doing what he loves -- working with students.  Functions as Counselor of the Day dealing with crises.  There are times when he goes home and cries. Looks for "why" does this happen...morality, learning from others, internet. Discussed his concerns about human trafficking, his passion for students and Westwood.  


Tim loves getting to do this job, work he would do for free and thanks Mesa Sunrise Rotary for their support.