Nicole Lucero, Westwood High School Mesa Sunrise Rotary Student of the Month


Student of the Month -- Nicole Lucero

Nicole is taking classes at SCC through Hoop of Learning, takes AP and advanced classes, volunteers her time helping others. She has a positive attitude and a gentle and loving spirit.  She saw the ice bucket challenge on line -- concerned about drought -- so instead asked for water donations for the Native American community. Extra-curricular activities: clubs, mentoring and tutoring; supporting Native American students (see full bio on the Mesa Sunrise website)

Gave Nicole a flash drive, lap top holder and passes to the Idea Museum 

After leaving high school -- UNM -- want to be a tribal lawyer -- Navajo tribe

Tim wants to thank everyone. Westwood is a unique school. 76% of student body is on free or reduced lunch.  Students struggle academically and with food stability.  What Mesa Sunrise Rotary does to inspire our children -- words cannot express how loving and caring you are.