M.E.S.A. Program presented by Officer Grit Portillo

Officer Grit Portillo, M.E.S.A Program-Making Every Student Accountable is a partnership between the Mesa Police Department, Mesa Public Schools, businesses and agencies in the community.


This is a program for at-risk youth and families to utilize proactive, innovative techniques for positive redirection and empowerment.

Model structure combines components of collaborative efforts -- parent/guardian participation and counseling, anger management, conflict resolution, physical fitness training, community service, mentoring, employment and job shadowing.

Participants and their families afforded the opportunity to become successful members of our community.


The M.E.S.A. program provides out-of-school enrichment, mentoring, and positive youth development activities targeting at-risk youth to improve academic performance and reduce drop-out rates and at-risk behaviors, including gang involvement.


Developed as a partnership among Mesa Unified School District, the City of Mesa Police Department, local businesses, and community organizations, the program includes a range of activities, such as mentoring, leadership, critical thinking, service learning, life skills, educational/career assessment, conflict resolution, and parental participation.


For more information on the M.E.S.A. Program, please contact:


Mary Ruiz


Mesa Police Department

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