Joanne Jolee speaks about the Power of Music

Joanne Jolee - father was founding member of west Auckland New Zealand Club, mother, a lawyer, was first female member of Rotary in Auckland. Five children.

Joanne Jolee is an inspirational entertainer with an extraordinary musical talent that leaves audiences awed, energized and inspired. Joanne's performances are fully orchestrated using cutting edge sounds and technology to create full bodied music accompaniments—from driving Europop styled originals to performances of classical piano literature from the likes of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Rachmaninoff.

About Joanne

Conservatory trained musician, Joanne Jolee, began studying piano, music theory and voice at 8 years old, and composing music beginning at age 12. She has been tapped to write music for radio, television, and video soundtrack productions. In the '80s Joanne toured with a band that included original 'Turtles' band member, Jim Tucker (So Happy Together). In 1998 she formed a classical crossover band with three of her daughters and in 2002 they won the title, Arizona's Best Pop Band. Joanne is the author of, 'Your Time to Play' and The Progressive Pianist', sold around the world since 1998.