Diversity in the Workplace


Guest speaker: Jacque Starks -- consultant in her own practice, Jacque of all trades, 30 years of organizational experience operationalizing best practices in diversity, consultation, curriculum design, assessments, facilitation,, coordination, mediation, teaching and training, in a multitude of different areas and industries. Has been at MCCCD for seven years as Coordinator for Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement.

Jacque's God driven goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of other people even when they, or others, don't know, or can't see what God is doing.

Clarifying that diversity is more than our race, gender, etc.  We are going to explore how values help guide us but can also interfere and create discrimination.

Jacque distributed a list of values and asked everyone to rank order them. She explained how the prioritization of values impacts relationships in the work place when we force our values on other people.  We wind up honoring people who value like us and discount those who have different values.  This is a diversity issue as much as race, ethnicity, gender etc.  Discussed how we intersect personal values with organizational values and the importance of supporting diversity to promote creativity.