Chris Ratliff delivers his classification speech

Mesa Sunrise Rotary


Rory, Ray, Soo C., Glen, Chris, Pinny, Terri,  Sue D., Pam, Dr. Ruth, Hattie (secretary)


-Installation on June 22nd, Glen Steiner installed as President -Next Year, date for Garage Sale Dec 7th, Integrated Health Clinic 10/26, Week without Violence Week 10/13 -Mail map & link and feed hunger message


Sargent @ Arms-

Pam- 5 squares sisters & mom to Verde Canyon Railway caboose, purchase ad and got story, daughter Masters in Biological Sciences, this weekend going back to Tucson to finish brother-in-laws house- 5 squares

Norm- 1 square

Soo- 10 squares Daughter graduated from McGill with Masters plus  Prayers for Miss Ruthie, fell and broke good hip. Mom came to graduation and has photo of three generations of women college graduates.

Rory- 1 square, Soo & Doctor Ruth getting awards @ District Conference, Visionary Award


Speaker- Lt. Chris Ratliff, Classification Speech, Mesa Salvation Army, Glen met a year ago.  Does speaking every week. Born in Southern Illinois, blue collar. Spent a lot of time in Tucson. Got GED then became a journeyman carpenter. Got involved in drugs and his dad encouraged him to get help. That is when Chris found the Salvation Army. Felt the church coming back into his life. He got involved helping children, fell back in love with God and fell in love with the Salvation Army. Spent a summer in  Jamaica .


Before he went to seminary but met his wife before he went to seminary.  Graduated seminary with 3.85 GPA. Geared toward hands on ministry. Spent summer in San Diego and another in Portland. He and his wife were ordained and were assigned in Mesa.


Chris was assigned by Major Candy(sp) to run social service and budget in Mesa. Has found it very rewarding. Serving about 450 families per week. Challenging, heart breaking, stressful but very rewarding in the end. Being a paster and delivering the Word is very small part of his role.

 He and his wife will be transferring to Tempe and Chris has been accepted at ASU in a business program.  No kids yet, working on it.