Brett Flanigan "Team Building & Leadership"

Speaker-  Brett Flanigan "Team Building & Leadership"

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At the age of just 28, Brett Flanigan became the youngest ever head coach in the National Basketball League, when he took over the position of head coach of the Canberra Cannons. During the eight years Brett held this position, he led the Canberra Cannons to the play-offs on five occasions and to the Semi Finals on one occasion in 1996.


At the completion of the 1996 season, he was voted by his coaching peers as the National Basketball League Coach of the Year.


In the build up to the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Brett was commissioned by the Australian Government, to study some of the US College basketball’s elite coaches, including Bob Knight, Mike Krzyzewski, and Rick Pitino. Brett has many humorous tales to tell of his journeys including the day he (accidently) hung up on Dean Smith.


Brett is an enthusiastic, humorous and motivational speaker, whose practical methods of teambuilding and leadership have translated from the sporting arena to the business sector, and is in high demand with his popular courses on Coaching Leadership and Team Building.


Some of Brett’s basketball highlights include:


- Winning a National championship with the Sydney Kings in 2005.

- Voted National Basketball League’s Coach of the Year in 1996.

- Coached Invitational Australian Basketball team on a 4-week tour of China in 1998, winning 7 of the 8 games.

- Became the youngest ever, Head Coach of the National Basketball League when at age 28 he took over that role with the Canberra Cannons.


Energy & Effort

--Effort- if you work hard you give yourself a shot.


Energy- three things that go into Energy that goes with effort. 1-Enthusiasm check every day. 2-Dream about being successful. Cutting down the net exercise. 3-Family is third thing. Sister Debby believed in him. Believe in yourself.